The most people are terrified to enter into a law firm, because they afraid of the expensive prices and high hourly fees, which are often announced only at the end of the consultation. So many people don’t dare to ask a lawyer with their problem, because they convinced themselves previously, that their financial conditions or his enterprises economic situation would not allow a professional legal representation.

The fees of the attorneys’ services depend on the concrete task’s complexity. And in some very complicated case it could be really high. However it has to be mentioned, like in health problems how important to consult with an excellent doctor, in legal problems it is almost so important to find a law expert with professional competence and appropriate attitude. 

Our Law Firm’s honorary policy is to always the case and task determines the fee rate, not the financial conditions of client. We don’t require higher fee for the same service, just because a company has a higher income, or a client is obviously living in good circumstances. So in type cases (such as the company procedures, or a typical sale contract) we work for fix rates.
It’s also an evidence in our firm that in complex cases, we always first assess the concrete problems and needs, and for this purpose, define the fee what we tell in advance with the customer, who with knowing the detailed expenses could freely decide  without any constraints, that he wants to give an entrust.

The first consultation– except the only occasional legal consultancy - is free! 
Brief for case:
We believe in fairness and honest also in the payment, and also during the whole representation. We don’t talk round and we tell sincerely our true opinion, even if it is the case is not worth to take to legal path, because the odds are very small.
The protocol for taking a brief:

1. consultation – during a maximum of one hour free consultation we assess and measure the nature of the problem, and the complexity of the case, we review the available records, documents or evidences relevant to the case.
2. offer – after the assess, we give a detailed offer quotation and tell our honest opinion of the chances, which is light without any limitation, and the client is free to decide whether he wishes to brief.
3. brief – if the client accept the offer, we contract for the assignment.
Permanent representation:
Especially for business and corporate clients, and NGO organizations we offer different priced service packages for permanent representation, with we provide continuous availability and legal services for an affordable monthly fee.
For companies and organizations which has needs for permanent legal services and representation, regular contract drafting and other document preparation it’s worth this possibility, because financially more favorable in long-term and the professional legal background is the key to the success for a dynamic enterprise.
For offer, consultation or brief contact us bravely  by e-mail, in telephone, or personally in our firm, after making an appointment!