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The JÁMBOR & TÓTH Law Firm wants to renew, the attorney-client relationship, – what’s frozen into a hierarchical and slow status - with a modern anddynamical approach, in a creative way, which is expose in view the primary of the clients' best interests.
We represent our clients, with high professional standard and ethicaccording to their individual needs, always searching for the best legal solution for the concrete problem.
Our philosophy, and our firm's credo, is that a lawyers job is not to say what the customer wants to hear, despite the reality. An attorney has to represent the truth and the facts even if it's hard to accept. So we always - even if it's cruelty honest - reveal the hole truth and the legal possibilities.
Our logo, represent this creda, because by the legend  "la Bocca della Veritá" - "the Mouth of Truth" bited the hand of the liars.
, because our firm follows all the changes of the fast-paced world, uses thenewest technical solutions, and procedures. Ranging from using the – nowadays basically - electronic company registration procedure and qualified electronic signature, to theonline services.
Dynamical, because the rapid reaction is been the key to success. In our opinion, is not enough only to keep the deadlines, we have to reflect in time, for the changed situations and events. We always retained our youthful dynamism and enthusiasm during our work.
Creative, because we believe that there are not exist lose situation, insoluble matters and impossible tasks. We always work and welcome our clients  with an openly, correct attitude, searching the solution for their problems.
Miskolc is our firm’s seat, and as true-born Miskolc patriots, and lawyers we well know the features, characteristics and legal problems of the region. We believe that Miskolc and the North East region – despite all its’ difficulties – has great economic and business opportunities for those who dogged and capable to doing for realize their dreams.
We are welcoming our clients in our law office located in Miskolc downtown, having confidence in the effective and successful future cooperation.


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Our law firm is expert at the  "law of the business", in a wider sense, what extent from the everyday financial and business contacts of the private persons, through the operation of the companies and corporate players, to the economics of the non-profit oriental NGO sector.
So we are specialized in permanent representation of  companies, economic, financial, commercial and corporate law, with contributing company registering procedures. Furthermore we help to solve the problems of companies, arise in the daily operations: like making the corporate labor legal framework, helping in asset management, creating General Terms and Conditions and developing complete contract systems
The essence of our process is to gauging the daily operations and problems of the partners, consulting with the clients continuously and developing those creative legal solutions which are the best for the individual needs of the clients, to help for the concrete business, or making the company’s operations more efficient and dynamic.
Considering that there are many foreign partners among our clients, and cross-border service providers, we advocate cases related with  international law
 and specifically draft legal instruments and contracts bilingual (English-Hungarian, Italian-Hungarian) and undertake legal representations in English and  in Italian..
Beside our main profile, - the corporate-company law - we conduct the financial and business legal transactions of private persons. Also our priority field is solving the legal problems of the NGO sector and non-profit companies.
In the current economic situation, the properly constructed legal background and professional representation is essential for all market player, who wants to retain it's competiveness and dynamism.


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