Although hearing the word attorney, the most person associate with the criminal defense role, a private person could have needs for lawyer, and law services at the everyday life – of course not counting the rare events of criminal and contravention cases.
We are available for our clients in many segments of life, solving the legal problems of real estates, work, family, and providing legal service at the financials and other legal areas affecting individuals. 
Real estate
The drafting of real estate sales contracts, and the arranging the related land registry procedure is one of the most common area, where almost everyone asks for lawyer contribution. Although it seems a routine procedure, the precise and carefully legal work, is the guarantee for each party, and particularly important, especially in cases where the property needs to ease from burdens, or the purchase prices is paid by bank loan.
We also create detailed and strictly ruled lease agreements, and presentation contracts, or reduce other real estate related agreements, like barter, foundation of property rights (usufruct, option right).
We perform full and complete arrangement , which includes the acquisition of title deeds, drafting the contracts and possible amendments, and the creation of related documents, and complain the registration and other authority procedure.
We contribute in procedures when a foreign citizen wants to acquire ownership in a Hungarian real estate property, and we represent the non EU member citizens’ interests during the whole authorization procedure.
The divorce, and the related divorce-trial, the trials for child custody and alimentation are unfortunate but nowadays frequent cases of the family and matrimonial law.
Our policy, in matrimonial lawsuits if, is it’s possible we prefer to finish a human relationship with an agreement which is best for the parties and especially for the childrens' interests, rather than litigation for years. So in these cases we always strive for the consensual settlement, not for the nonsensical attrition of the procedures, what get the nerves and the money of the parties.
The labor law provides protection for the average employee against workplace discrimination, unjustified dismissal, or the employer’s other unlawful acts, but the many are not familiar with these rules, and doesn’t know their rights, and easily fall victims of these types of work related abuses.
We help to enforce the employee’s interests, rights and keeping the rules and proper procedures of the Labor Act, if necessary we undertake representation in labor lawsuit against illegal dismissal, unpaid wages, or  other workplace abuses.
We give legal advice and help, in financial affairs of the private persons, like start-up of initial business, and drafting business contracts (service contract, entrusts, loan).
We take representation in cases with bank loans, credits and debts, in order to assert the rights of the client  during these procedures.
Care for the left behind  loved-ones and provision about the assets is part of the life. We work with maximal respect, discretion when making testaments and other legal transactions related inheritance, like contract for maintenance, and keep the most important for full effect the testator final will.
We can collaborate in administration procedure of a will, or in case we represent the successor in lawsuits at court of probate
Consumer protection
Consumers are often faces abuses, like default performance, unfair general terms and conditions (GTC), which against  they hardly enforce their rights, because the parties different financial situation and power.
We take legal representation of consumers against manufacturers, suppliers, in order to challenge a discussion, or even during administrative or judicial proceedings.
It’s often happened that because of an unexpected event, like an accident, natural disaster cause damage to property, when the damaged party, can enforce his legitimate claims and seek for compensation only by using legal assistance.
We represent our client’s interests during damage suit, or insurance suit, or relating consultations. We provide information and legal advice for what could be the best way to recover the damages or  non-pecuniary damages.