Our Law Firm expertise in company representation and economical law. We offer high quality  legal services from the ad hoc case assignment, to the permanent representation, in many areas of the business life.
We can participate in company foundation, amendment or in final settlement. Our firm can help in the arising problems during a company’s life, start from handling the labor law problems, through drafting the business contracts and other documents, to the asset management. We can also represent the company before authorities, offices and courts.
Company procedures
Nowadays the company registry procedures are very fast and effective – especially the company foundation - in regard that it’s functioning totally electronically.
Our firm help to choose the appropriate company form – what is typically bt.(unlimited partnership),bt. (unlimited partnership), kft. (ltd.) zrt.(inc) – create all the necessary documents and    handle the whole registration procedure.  
simplified registration: In the so called simplified procedure, the Deed of Foundation is made by the standard ruled in the Company Registration Act, what contains the typical and necessary elements. With this simplified registration procedure, the Court register the new company within 8 days.
special company forms: Of course we can create also specialized deeds and foundation documents according to the client’s needs, which can rule the company inner hierarchy and circumstances differently from the typical and average.
We also take part in the founding and registration of rare company forms  such as: a co-op, private company, union.
final settlement - termination: As fast and simple founding a company , so complicated is the termination of it. So almost all of the companies when it wants to finish their operation brief a lawyer for help and arrange the final settlement and the termination.
We can take part and give legal advice during the termination procedure starting from the compulsory disclosure, and the warning of the possible creditors and obligees, to the company registriation procedure. 
Business contracts
well-created and particularly detailed contract is indispensable in the business life. Unfortunately many company only search for lawyer when the matter is already happened and they are in the face of a trial against their business partner, despite that all of the problems, argues and misunderstands could be preventable by a properly detailed contract.
We draft and create that appropriate form of contract which represent and defend our clients interests, wheter type of contract needed: a classical contract for servicerepresentation or profession specific agreements like contracts for marketingconstruction,development, supply, license or other atipycal contracts.  We suggest to create complete contract systems and General Terms and Conditions, for companies and enterprises which has permanent orders and growing clientele.  
For our international clients, or cross-border service providers, we can make and draftbilingual contracts (in English-Hungarian, Italian-Hungarian).
Corporate labor law
For a company with many  employee is especially important to particularly regulate the labor law frames, the conditions of work, the liabilities and the corporate hierarchy.
We contribute to draft specialized labor contractscollective agreement, or creating manager-contracts, making and give legal advice for  dismissal notice (regular and irregular dismissal, common agreement, redundant) appropriate  to  the Labor Act. We help to form the corporate liability systemregulationorder of instruction, which are develop the effective inner operating system  of the company, and provide an efficient control for the employer and a transparence and correct workplace for the employee.   
Asset management
It’s a sadly fact that as the result of the global economic crisis, most of the entertainments has an enormous outstanding debts, what they want to recover it needs legal help.
Our firm fully represent  the  mandator’s  intrests for enforce their legal claims, from sendingwarning notices, through the – nowadays electronically – order for payment procedure,lawsuits, and  trial cases, to initiate liquidation or bankrupt  procedures.
Our principal is that if possible is mostly better to end a legal argument with a mutual agreement of the parties, and we try to protect our clients from long and expensive procedures, which has an uncertain end.
Trial representation
In the business life there are situations when no other solution than “fight” and we can only enforce our  rights in trial before court .
In a court trial is extremely important the prepared, elaborated strategy, and the reasonable and established proof.
We represent your interests in trials for civileconomiccorporate or labor lawsuits, for enforce claims, damages, contract delay, patent dispute
Representation before authorities
In Hungary it’s a well-known problem for the enterprises that to find the way in the bureaucratic maze of the administrative authorities and to keep all the rules, obligations and regulations is almost impossible. The control procedures are often, and  the authorities easily impose fines what’s leads a company to bankrupt.
With the appropriate legal help and due foresight these problems – typically arise with tax, labor, safety, and municipality authorities -  can be avoid.
Our firm supervises the company functioning, in view of it is appropriate for the relative legal rules, authority directives, and regulations, reveals the deficiencies, and suggests what should be changed. If it’s necessary we represent before the authority and in anadministrative trial – if the authority’s action was illegal.