The representatives from the non-profit and NGO sector, - associations, foundations and non-profit companies – are very important clients of our firm.
The NGO sector is often used, hardly definable, but non legal terms, which imply those nonprofit orientated, non-governmental organizations, whose aren’t motivated by economic and financial results, but determined purposes.
We offer help for these social performers for the problems arising during their daily operations, considering their special needs, and the particular legal background.
The association is the most common legal form of the non-governmental organizations. It’s a legal person, which has a democratic constitution, which operate for determined purposes. It’s scales can lasts from the hobby circles to the nationwide federations. The  sport club is a special form of the associations, which has specialized legal rules in each kind and branch.
Establishment, amendment: It’s important to mention that establishing an association hasn’t obligate attorney’s contribution. But it’s practical to have recourse lawyer’s help, because the practice of courts are differently and there isn’t a generally accepted deed standard like in the company procedures.
The court registration procedure of a new association or the registration process of the amendments of the deed is duty-free.
Daily operation: The associations has needs for lawyer’s contribution during their operation mostly for the orderly holding of  general assemblies of the members, for managing the  dues, or for participate in the board of supervision.
The most important feature of the foundation, that it’s a fortune, for a concrete purpose, which has been separated from the founder. The  Board of Trustee is the operational organization.
Foundation, amendment: Like an association, a foundation hasn’t obligate attorney’s contribution also for the establishment. But it’s worth to make the Deed of Foundation to detailed, and deliberated because the amendment procedure is quite complicated.
The court registration procedure is duty-free, and there isn’t a minimum rate of the founding fortune, but it has to be realistic for the purpose what’s it for.
Daily operation: Regards of that the Board of Trustee  runs the daily operations and represent the foundation, often needs legal help for coordinate their work. It’s also important to keep the financial transparency of the foundation and that the handling of the incomes would be lawful.
Non-profit companies
The non-profit companies are bridges between the NGO and the business sector. Practically it’s functioning as a company, and can make enterprising activity, but it is forbidden to share the profit between the members, so there isn’t dividend, a non-profit company has to expend its increment for the purpose. 
Foundation, amendment: The competent Company Registry Court registers the non-profit-companies, so it’s responsible for the foundation and the amendment procedure. The whole process is  electronically, so it’s has to arranged by attorney or notary.
Daily operation:  The permanent legal representation is typical in the non-profit companies – like the profit orientated ones. It is important to harmonize the enterprising activity and the financials with the non-profit purpose,  
Grants, tenders
The civil and NGO organizations are often realize their purposes by tenders, or finance their operations by funds and grants. Our firm can contribute in  legal project-management of tenders, or help in supervisory and consultancy of grants.
Grant agreements
The social performers often finance their operations and maintenance by  donations and other  support of private persons or companies. The actual legal environment allows for sport organizations that the enterprises to offer them directly a detailed part of their yearly corporate tax.
Our firm drafting a correct and detailed grant agreement can ensure for both party that the appropriation of the donation or grant will be transparency and expedient.
For the civil organizations the  1 % of the personal income tax  of the personal income tax is a very important financial resource, but they have to keep the strict rules of the exertion. Also a great opportunity for NGOs to achieve the  public benefit or  eminent public benefit status.
We can give advice for the understanding of the legal background of NGO and try help during these procedures.
Animal rights
Unfortunately these legal area is in it’s infancy in Hungary, and it should needs a much more strictly legislation, especially in the abuse of the animals. Therefore we consider it important to give the maximum legal help and act against animal cruelty, or abusing, with starting criminal processes, or taking damage lawsuits. As our social responsibility, we committed with the  animal protection, and give advocacy for animal rights, in case with pro bono representation.